Time does fly doesn’t it?

The date is 3/10/17, and I was not aware of how much time has past since my last blog. I apologize for my lack of awareness. OK, so allow me to bring everyone up to date. As of now Gabriel has completed the 40 hours of phase 1 flight testing and is performing flawlessly. Ten more hours and it will be time to perform a 50 hr. inspection. The weather has not allowed us to do any flying so we are going to perform some minor upgrades to the flight control system and the fuel system before getting back into the air in the spring. For another update, our pilot Tiffany is now residing in India and is in the process of acquiring a piece of land where we can erect a hangar for our base of operations. Once that has been accomplished we will be ready to move forward with shipping Gabriel over seas and begin transporting Dr. Nancy and medical supplies to the outlying villages. In the mean time Tiffany has been volunteering her time helping out at an orphanage and a school near Atili. Needless to say she is anxious to be doing what she does best and that is fly.
Back here in the states we are continuing our fund raising efforts and performing research regarding additional aircraft for the Aluminum Angels fleet. I would like to extend my heart felt thanks to all of you who have contributed to our organization in 2016. thank you for believing in us and our humanitarian mission. The lives that will be touched in the future thanks to your generosity will be many. Having said that I will bring this blog to a close. Watch for future updates on our progress.

The airplane is simply a means to rise above our circumstances for awhile.

Flyboy, Greg

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