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My Update, By Tiffany Brame

(This blog was submitted by our Missionary/Pilot, Tiffany Brame. Enjoy!)

Indiana is much colder than India…

The weather is finally (hopefully) starting to warm up, and we are hoping to get Gabriel back in the air again soon. Before flight, we need to change the oil and look over everything now that it’s finished it’s first 50hours of flight. The cold winter weather and unheated workspace have dissuaded us from getting it done this far, but the forecast is giving me hope!

I’m back from India for a time, working here in Indiana and gaining more aviation experience, mostly in fixing things. My heart wants to get back there soon, but there are many factors that must be worked out before that will be possible. Until then, I am continuing my language study in what ways I can, and will soon be getting some more time with Gabriel.

My time spent in India was good, but it was not productive in the direct sense of steps moved forward. It was productive in ways of showing some steps that will need to be taken in order to move forward and given some clues as to what will or won’t work.

One exciting possibility that we are considering is that of starting out as an aviation business and simply using the airplane on the side as opportunity allows. This idea is a rather huge concept that would require more people with wisdom in business to come along side, but it also is a concept with really cool possibilities. For example, sustainability and repeatability are much easier to achieve when you also have a way to bring in revenue.

Our current stage, as an organization, is that of writing plans, evaluating possibilities, asking advice and “knocking” on proverbial doors. For this reason, it is a bit difficult to say “here’s what’s happening” but instead I will say “don’t forget us!” We’re still working our way down the road.

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It’s inspection time.

Sept. 10, 2017
Well here we are. Gabriel has reached 50 hrs. of flight, so it time for an inspection. As of this date Tiffany has returned to India to continue her mission of locating space for a runway and hangar, as well as learning the language.
During the inspection we will focus on changing the engine oil and filter, sending in an oil analysis sample, upgrading the flap control system and checking flight control cable tensions. We will also be completing the paint scheme on the fuselage.
The summer has just flown by and we are pursuing fund raising ventures to raise the $6000 needed to ship Gabriel to India. We are also looking to enlist help from corporate sponsors who share our vision to advance general aviation’s presence in India and provide humanitarian medical aid to outlying villages in the process.
We recently developed a “Go Fund Me” site to make it easier for those who would like to make a donation.

Until next time keep your wings level.

Notice as seen on a church a sign “Interested in going to heaven? Apply here for flight training.”

Flyboy Greg

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Time does fly doesn’t it?

The date is 3/10/17, and I was not aware of how much time has past since my last blog. I apologize for my lack of awareness. OK, so allow me to bring everyone up to date. As of now Gabriel has completed the 40 hours of phase 1 flight testing and is performing flawlessly. Ten more hours and it will be time to perform a 50 hr. inspection. The weather has not allowed us to do any flying so we are going to perform some minor upgrades to the flight control system and the fuel system before getting back into the air in the spring. For another update, our pilot Tiffany is now residing in India and is in the process of acquiring a piece of land where we can erect a hangar for our base of operations. Once that has been accomplished we will be ready to move forward with shipping Gabriel over seas and begin transporting Dr. Nancy and medical supplies to the outlying villages. In the mean time Tiffany has been volunteering her time helping out at an orphanage and a school near Atili. Needless to say she is anxious to be doing what she does best and that is fly.
Back here in the states we are continuing our fund raising efforts and performing research regarding additional aircraft for the Aluminum Angels fleet. I would like to extend my heart felt thanks to all of you who have contributed to our organization in 2016. thank you for believing in us and our humanitarian mission. The lives that will be touched in the future thanks to your generosity will be many. Having said that I will bring this blog to a close. Watch for future updates on our progress.

The airplane is simply a means to rise above our circumstances for awhile.

Flyboy, Greg

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Flight hours are climbing now.

Today is the 15th of May 2016 and it is high time for a progress report on Gabriel. As you probably know already Gabriel has passed his initial test flight with  our test Pilot Brian Taylor and is now on the way to completing the required 40 hours of flight for Phase one testing.

Tiffany Brame, Aluminum Angel’s pilot who will be piloting Gabriel for Dr. Nancy in India, is in the process of completing her transition training by logging flight hours in Gabriel with Brian as her flight instructor. Likewise I am also performing transition training with Brian. Transition training is required because flying an Experimental STOL  airplane like Gabriel is very different from flying a certified factory built  airplane which is heavier and handles differently.

Gabriel is performing very well in phase one testing and the Rotax 912 engine is running great. I have been pleasantly surprised at how smooth and quiet it is. The airplane is living up to it’s STOL classification during take-offs and landings. As you can tell from videos and pics on the webpage we still have a little paint work to do to complete Gabriel’s paint scheme. Aside from that he is complete and “good to go”.

We are currently working with a company to ship the airplane to India and are now in the process of raising the funds necessary. Since we now have our 501 (c) (3) “not for profit” status and we are able to provide a tax deductible receipt we are believing by faith that future donations and support will help us cover those expenses.

Tiffany Brame will be leaving for India in July, well ahead of the shipping of Gabriel, to make arrangements to import the airplane and hangar it, once it arrives later this year if all goes as planned. I must say these are exciting times within the Aluminum Angels organization and we are feeling “Blessed and Highly Favored” as we look back at 2009 when the Lord called us to undertake this awesome mission. I know that we would not have come this far if it weren’t for all of you who have generously given of your time, talents and finances, not to mention believing in us. We hope that you will continue to support us and believe in us in the future for we need both now more than ever. May God Bless each and everyone of you.

There are two things behind a pilot that he often misses.The runway he has used up  and the fuel he left at the airport.

Good by for now,

Flyboy Greg


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To India and back again

Today is Jan. 26th  2016  and  we recently  returned from a trip to India. The trip was taken to begin the process of shipping”Gabriel” there. Once we have the airplane there we will begin making humanitarian flights with Dr. Nancy to the outlying villages around the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Our journey began at the Chicago Ohare airport. From there we traveled to Frankfurt, Germany, then on to Chennai, India. Shortly thereafter we boarded a flight on a commuter airline to Vishakhapatnam, located on the east coast of India. Piling into a minivan we headed north to the mountains near Viraghattam. Upon arrival we headed up a mountain trail to visit a number of villages located on the mountain. In one village we were able to locate an area large enough to facilitate a landing strip for “Gabriel”. The village chief told us that he owned the land and that we were free to use it any way we wanted. Our next priority is to locate a base of operations close to the village of Atilli,  where Dr. Nancy plans on setting up her practice after finishing up her residency near Chennai. We currently have a gentleman in the area scoping out favorable locations for us.

Since we have returned to the states our pilot, Tiffany, is preparing to return to India prior to shipping the airplane, in order to set up Aluminum Angels Medical’s base of operations.

Our focus now is to fly the required hours off of “Gabriel” to insure that it is airworthy and up to the mission that lies ahead. We also need to raise the necessary funds required to ship the airplane and  support it’s operations in India. At this point we are in need of any and all donations to allow us to acquire the land and erect a hangar for “Gabriel” in India.  Every little bit or big lump helps and will be greatly appreciated.  Well it’s getting late so I must sign off for now.

Flyboy Greg

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Gabriel’s First Flight in Hi-Def!

This is the “quick” version; sped up to conserve disk space.

Here’s the full test flight at normal speed.

With the help of a GoPro mounted inside the cabin, we are able to ride along on Gabriel’s very first flight. This was on Sunday, November 1, 2015, at approximately 4:30 PM, at the Elkhart Municipal Airport, located on CR 6, in Elkhart, Indiana. Test pilot is Brian Taylor. Come along and enjoy the ride!


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Gabriel Takes to the Air!


After about six years of building time, Aluminum Angels airplane, Gabriel, detached itself from the earth this afternoon and took to the air! And quite nicely, too. Brian Taylor, from Michigan, who is an experienced Zenith 701 pilot, fastened his seat belt, cranked up the Rotax engine, taxied to the end of the runway and became airborne at approximately 4:29 PM this afternoon. It was somewhat windy out, but Brian reported that Gabriel handled very well. A couple minor adjustments are needed, but overall, it flew very well! He did two touch and go landings, circling the airport each time. He taxied back to the hangar and shut the engine down amid a rousing cheer from the assembled audience!

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